About 143TV

Cohasset Community Television

143TV - Cohasset Community Television Vision Statement

CCTV provides residents and employees of the Town of Cohasset the opportunity to create and participate in access programming. CCTV
provides the encouragement, training, facilities and equipment. CCTV members and volunteers provide the manpower for producing public,
education, and government television programming.

Our goal is to provide a safe and professional video-related work environment for all. CCTV is responsible for event and meeting coverage pertinent to the town of Cohasset. We are here to help Cohasset residents, students and employees of the town express opinions, to entertain, to inform, or any other means of reaching their intended audience through video programming.

The 143TV Team

Cohasset Community Television (CCTV) Board of Directors/Cable Advisory 

Corey Evans, President

John Michael Maschia, Vice President

Peter Richardsson, Treasurer

Nicole Roth Secretary

David Bigley, Member



Program Director, Don Roine

Technical Support, IversonDesign.com, ISG, NEDI

Media Production Coordinator, Jack Cunningham

Independent Studies/Interns - Charlie Cunningham - Will Puzella